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My skin is always a lighter shade of pale and while some might think that it’s because I spend every waking moment indoors it’s not the case at all. I’m actually in the sun quite often (wearing a hat and factor 50 sunblock to avoid being burnt to a crisp) but you won’t believe the comments I’ve gotten from frenemies and random strangers. From patting me on the back saying; “Look at those legs, you should spend some time in the sun hey” to exclaiming;  “You really should do something about that ‘tan’ of yours!” That’s right Darlings, pale shaming is a real thing! If you’ve also been blessed with Nicole Kidman skin but would love a little colour in your life every now and then, then today’s find is going to be right up your alley. Enter Caribbean Tan – an instant, safe and gorgeous way to go from pale to glowing within minutes!

If you haven’t yet heard about Caribbean Tan Sunless Tanning, then get ready to be educated. Unlike some products on the market, that leave streaks or turn a weird orange colour when applied this range of tanning products is far more sophisticated. Instead, these products contain specially formulated active ingredients that, when applied, cause a chemical reaction with the skin to produce a tan much like the sun does, but without the UVA and UVB damage to the skin. The result is a more bronzed looking skin without all the fuss of lazing about in the sun for a few hours.

The Caribbean Tan brand offers customers a range of professional salon and home use products to allow them to achieve the look they want with ease. The home use range offers a few products to suit different needs including Gradual Tan in a Can (a clear tanning spray that develops over 8 hours into a deep, even, seamless tan - R95), Tanning Spritzer (a salon inspired liquid formula created to give you a rich, deep, instant tan - R95) and Bronzing Mousse (a super lightweight, easy to apply, non-sticky clear mousse that delivers an even, all over tan in 8 hours - R95),

The range also includes some before and after care products which really help to increase the longevity of your tan and the condition of your skin before and after applying the tanning products. Products like the Tinted Skin Glow Shimmer gives your skin a beautiful, subtle and glamorous glow for those times when you need a quick spritz of bronze (R55) and Milk and Honey Hydrating Body Butter helpt to prolong the life of your Caribbean tan while nourishing and moisturising your skin (R55).

I got the chance try the Gradual Tanning Wipes (perfect for tanning touch-ups and face tanning - R55), Tan in a Can (a fine tanning spray - R95) and the Cinnamon and Coconut Skin Smoothing Exfoliator (helps remove dead skin cells before tanning - R55). Both tanning products lasted for about 10 days and didn’t streak or go orange on my skin. The products did have that biscuity self-tan smell that we’ve come to expect from tanning products but it wasn’t very strong. My favourite products were definitely the tanning wipes and the exfoliator! The tanning wipes were super easy to use and allowed me to create a streak-free tan in a no time at all. The exfoliator is also incredible and is one of the best I have ever used - I now used it before shaving and tanning because it’s that good - and only R55!  

All of the Caribbean Tan home products are available from Clicks and Dis-Chem as well as online store such as and

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by Crystal

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