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Both my husband and my eldest daughter are a little obsessive-compulsive when it comes to keeping things neat and packed "just so". Cables need to be rolled in a certain way, shirt hangers are placed facing the same way, and tshirts are rolled neatly into drawers to allow for maximum use of space. I also pride myself on having a neat streak, but I often find that things like cable ties are rather unattractive, and tucking extender plugs behind cupboards can look rather odd. And then I discovered CakeGoed - creators of innovative and beautifully artistic storage solutions, which make tidying up something to look forward to!

Marlene, the talent behind the CakeGoed brand, was inspired to start a small business from home, something that would feed her creativity beyond her full time job. From those humble roots CakeGoed (a play on words incorporating Marlene's surname - Koekemoer - and Goed meaning good) has grown into a thriving business that operates out of a factory in Stellenbosch and supplies local stores and markets with its fabulous wares. Exciting news for CakeGoed is that there is also massive international interest and we could see CakeGoed goodies on display on shelves in Europe and beyond very soon.

So what makes CakeGoed so cool? I love the fact that the storage boxes are handcrafted and made according to very specific standards, using Pine or Birch, the off cuts of which are also used in other products. And not only are the boxes decorated with the most gorgeous graphics (I adore the polka dotted Joy boxes which are perfect for a child's room, as well as the Keep Calm and Store Your Stuff box) but they are also cleverly designed to meet most storage requirements. The standard storage boxes are works of art all on their own (priced from R350), and I love the stationery/cutlery holder (from R115), and the ingenious extender plug and charger box (from R750) which makes hiding unsightly plugs and cables easy. I was also really enamoured with the beautiful old-school wooden building blocks (from R150) - a perfect gift for little ones - and the First Aid box (from R250); check out my pics below to see what I am talking about. Marlene also plays around with concepts other than storage, and has a gorgeous range of placemats on offer (from R220 for a set of 4), whilst also constantly developing new products.

CakeGoed hosts a month-end clearance sale in the form of a pop-up shop (usually the last Friday of the month), which means you can get your hands on one of these gorgeous items at a discounted rate. CakeGoed can also be found at local markets, like this week's fab CY Market (23 - 28 September at Welbeloond Farm), Kamers Vol Geskenke where they will be launching their new products and ranges, and the upcoming Stellenberg Christmas Market, or can be purchased from stores in the Cape Town area: Pulp Kitchen (Willowbridge and Gardens), PNA (Somerset West, Strand and Stellenbosch), Abode at the Old Biscuit Mill, Caramel and Co at Pylmara Junction, Montebello Design Centre Newlands, Coco-Li in the Cape Quarter, Imagenius, Milieu in Stellenbosch or online

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by Philippa McRae
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by Phil

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