Forever 21 Finally Lands in South Africa!

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Canal Walk Shopping Centre, Century City, Cape Town.

I can’t believe we finally have our very own Forever 21 store right here in Cape Town! Seriously I have been lusting after their gorgeously playful and affordable goodies for ages now and have had the most incredible FOMO when seeing friends of mine living in the US wearing their stuff in pictures. Forever 21 is known for offering ladies trendy fashion pieces at affordable prices and I am beyond excited that they are here – I mean, who can say to affordable fashion? If you haven’t already made a trip to the new store then here’s why you should do so, and soon!

Trust me when I say that the new store at Canal Walk Shopping Centre is beyond nuts. It’s huge and puts some of the other international arrival’s stores to shame. With its sparkly signage, rather spacious isles and beautiful displays the store offers fashionistas a shopping haven of note. In store you can find everything from accessories such as hats, gloves, costume jewellery and handbags to fabulous basics, party dresses and more. And, if you’re looking for a local comparison then think Mr Price meets YDE and you’ve got Forever 21! I also loved that the store offers all sorts of different pieces for every type of girl so you can shop according to your style – from boho chic to preppy and sports luxe there’s something for everyone. Not to mention the beachwear, accessories, shoes, lingerie and super cute pyjamas!

I fell in love with their boho inspired range of hats (great for the beach this summer – R199 each), their stylish denims (priced from just R149!), mini Chanel-style sling bags (in black, white and red – R249) and an oh-so-cute gold anchor bracelet (just R15!) You can also pick up stunning summer dresses for about R170 and trendy heels and flats for about R400 or less. In terms of quality their clothes are on par with brands like Cotton On and Mr Price and the prices pretty much fall into the same range. Sure, they also have some pricier items but if you shop around then you can find some really great bargains.

Forever 21 is a great place to shop for trendy pieces that you might hate in a season or two and in my opinion it’s everything we thought Topshop was going to be just without the hefty price tag. The store has some incredible trendy items that have arrived just in time for summer. You will find loads of floral prints (a trend that is set to be huge for summer), cute tropical prints (think pineapples and palm trees) and word art or printed phrases on everything from dresses, skirts, shirts, caps, shorts and more.

Right now the store is still crazy busy with local fashionistas shopping up a storm so if you hate crowds and long queues then my advice would be to wait it out for another week or two before braving Canal Walk – if you’ve ever been to Canal Walk Mr Price around Christmas time or a random Saturday afternoon and stood in their seemingly never ending queue then you will know all about the fate that will befall you should you head there now. But if the temptation is too great then by all means go head through this weekend to shop, shop, shop – just make sure you take your boyfriend or brother along to stand in the queue for you while you shop (they don’t have men’s clothes right now anyway and you can probably bribe them with ice cream from the food court).  And, because Canal Walk can be rather labyrinth-esque make sure you park near the Mugg and Bean entrance as they are located just opposite Mugg and Bean.

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By Crystal Espin
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by Crystal

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