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Darlings I’ve been having such fun playing with a brand new type of accessory this week! If you have been living under a rock for ages and you haven’t already heard that temporary metallic tattoos are the next big thing in fashion then look alive because class is in session and you’re about to get schooled on this fabulous new trend. Here’s why you should check out local online store, Skin Bling and their oh-so-awesome range of metallic tattoos!

No matter whether you call them ‘flash tats’, ‘shimmer tats’ or ‘metallic tattoos’ this new body art trend is here to stay. Metallic tattoos started becoming all the rage overseas a few months ago and now they have finally arrived in South Africa. The innovative jewellery inspired temporary tattoos are the perfect way to transform your look and play around with the idea of having a tattoo without all that fuddy duddy commitment stuff. There are loads of designs to choose from and they’re great for the beach, the pool, parties, festivals, concerts and anywhere else where you and your skin might be seen having fun.

With just a quick application you can transform your look for just an afternoon or a week! I cottoned on to this trend a little while ago and have been looking for suppliers all over and I while I have tracked down one or two I must say Skin Bling’s range are the best I have tried so far. The quality of these tattoos and the designs available is far beyond anything I have seen in Joburg. I tested a few of the tattoos from their collection and was amazed that they lasted for more than a week where other suppliers’ stuff would wipe off after less than a week.

The tattoos are also completely safe for the skin – remember those temporary tattoos you used to get in lucky packets and chewing gum as a child? Well, it’s like that except a million times better. The application process is the same; all you need to do is cut out your desired tattoo, remove the plastic cover, stick it on your skin and apply a wet cloth for about 30 seconds to transfer the design. That’s it! The tattoos are also non-toxic and safe for anyone to wear. I have super sensitive skin and they caused zero issues for me so I am pretty sure that most normal people would be fine using them. Of course, if you are allergic to adhesives you should probably steer clear.

Perhaps the coolest thing about these tattoos for me is that they shimmer and shine. Even if you have a tattoo it’s not a shiny gold, silver or blue masterpiece and that’s what makes these so fun. They really are like wearing jewellery and I have loved playing with them. Not to mention the range of designs available. Skin Bling has quite the selection, in fact also the best I’ve seen in Joburg in terms of designs available. My favourites include the Apache (a set of American Indian inspired tattoos including oversized feathers, arrows and more – R150 a sheet), Birds of a Feather (a set of feathers in various designs and colours – R150), and Pretty Peacock (a set of peacock feathers in silver and gold in various sizes – R120) Each sheet of tattoos comes with 9 tattoos so you can play around for weeks to come. Other designs include arrows, flowers, stars, necklaces and even body chains.

The tattoos can be ordered online from the Skin Bling online store and will be posted to your door within a matter of days.

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By Crystal Espin
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by Crystal

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