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This is what goes on in my head every time I kick-start a new, healthier eating plan. “I will resist sweets. I will resist pastries. I will resist. I will … oh look, chocolate!” Yip that pretty much sums it up. Trying to get my abs to come out of hiding is difficult. Damn difficult! Especially since I’ve come across what is probably the most delicious, decadent gourmet chocolate – Zanoni

They say that nine out of ten people love chocolate – if you ask me, the tenth person is either fibbing, or they simply haven’t tried Zanoni. These chocolates are completely indulgent with a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth texture, and flavour combinations that will kick your taste buds into overdrive. I blame local chocolatier Stefan Tredorf. Seriously … all those endless hours spent craving his chocolate. It’s all his fault. As the owner of The Chocola.J, a pastry shop in Joburg, Stefan knew there was a market for top quality chocolate so he crafted a gourmet range with 20 unique flavours … oh the choices! Think traditional options like milk and hazelnut, and more exotic flavours like milk, pear and ginger, or dark, pink pepper and sea salt.

As if this wasn’t enough to make everyone do flick-flacks (me included), Stefan decided to start MyChocolate where you can customise your own chocolate bars. Eek … how exciting? It’s as simple as choosing your base chocolate (which comes all the way from Belgium) and then picking up to five toppings - there are over 75 options including everything from coated nuts and dipped dried fruit, to Oreos, fruit gums, marshmallows and even pretzels. Good luck with that! Lastly, you can choose your packaging, name your chocolate and include a personalised message if it’s a gift (be sure to give Stefan at least five days notice). You will find Zanoni chocolates at Pandora’s Box in Noordhoek from R45. If you’re keen to stock Zanoni chocolate, contact Stefan with the info above. 

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by Samantha

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