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Darlings, our prayers have been answered! The god of fashion (you know she exists) has smiled upon us and brought in to being jeans that lift, lift, lift your bum – no lunges necessary! I know it might sound like I am making this up but I promise it's real! So who is behind all this awesomeness? The Italians of course! Italian brand Freddy encompasses everything that is fabulous about Italian fashion and now they have come up with an innovative and fabulous new product offer specially for ladies who want a little more lift and tuck in their jeans, shorts and active gear. Here's why you NEED to check out the Freddy WR.UP collection now!

Freddy is relatively new to South Africa and now their patented WR.UP technology has allowed Freddy to bring South African customers unique shorts, jeans, and workout pants that are unlike anything they have ever worn before. If you're tired of doing countless amounts of lunges and squats day in and day out and just want something to give you a little extra lift and tuck then you are going to fall head over heels in love with this new collection from Freddy. Thanks to some seriously strategic seams and tailoring the WR.UP technology supports and reshapes your hips, thigh and bum area enhancing them in a totally natural looking way. If jeans and jeggings had a love child then the result would be these jeans and now they have arrived on our shores. Freddy has single handily revolutionized the concept of trousers and shorts for South African women and I'm quite sure that you will never ever wear a pair of pants quite like this!

I love that the super stretchy material used for these garments guarantees you a perfect fit every time and allows you to say bye-bye to muffin tops, slouchy jeans and unflattering too-tight fits. Instead your booty will be shrouded in fabric that has been designed to maximize control. And, as I said the WR.UP technology isn't just available for their jeans but rather has been carried through to their active wear and shorts as well, which means that no matter what you're wearing you will look absolutely fabulous! The collection offers customers a range of jeans in skinny, straight cut, flare, ankle length and corsaire styles in various colours and styles as well as shorts and workout pants in various colours. Apart from the jeans some of my favourite items in the collection include the WR.UP Leggings (R869.95) in various colours and the QueenFits2 workout pants in black (R1139.95).

I have a pair of the Freddy WR. UP 1LJ1E jeans (full length skinny jeans in dark blue denim – R1999.95) and have been wearing them non-stop since I got them two months ago. I can't even explain how comfy these jeans are and how incredible they make your bum, hips and thighs look! The jeans tuck in everything and give you the most incredible shape whilst also offering an incredibly comfortable fit – they're like a push up bra but for your bum! I love that the waistband is super stretchy and fits snugly to your hips without causing the muffin top effect – in fact it makes your waistline look more defined that ever before.

The Freddy WR. UPs are so stretchy they have been designed to be put on like stockings – you simply roll them on like you would a pair of stockings, do up the buttons are spend the rest of the day looking fabulous. I also love that the jeans are held snugly in place by a comfy fit silicone band that sits just around the inside of the waistband. I was also amazed to find that the jeans don't cut into you in any way and are so soft and comfortable that you can sleep in them, no problem! All I can say is that once you find that pair that fits you perfectly you will never want to take them off.

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By Crystal Espin
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by Crystal

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20 June 2017 at 12:07 pm
mariaan steyn Where in cape town they sell freddy jeans
4 October 2016 at 11:40 pm
Gerda Is there a shop in Cape Town?
10 March 2015 at 11:01 am
chanell please advise how do i place an order online and by when will it be delivered. please id really like to buy one. chanell

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