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Let me begin today's post by stating, categorically, that I am no fashionista. I would like to believe that I have some sense of style - after all I have been dressing myself for years, and have managed to stay within the realms of what is acceptable. I tend towards smart casual for work, whilst weekends are spent in jeans, t shirts and sneakers. When clothes shopping with my daughters I may find myself on the receiving end of an eye-roll, or deep sigh (you know the one) which insinuates that I am clueless and need help - immediately; I am also pretty budget conscious and will ensure that I have a nice mixture of basics, but I will also splash out on a good coat or pair of boots. Happily MRP opened a new concept store at the V & A Waterfront last week, and they have managed to successfully combine great fashion, affordable prices and a fun shopping experience.
So what makes this store stand out from the rest? Firstly the aesthetic is quite different from your standard Mr Price store. The design is cleaner and lighter, with wooden floors and accents, wider aisles and funky display areas. And the space actually looks lighter and brighter, literally. Another major bonus is that you have access to free WiFi, so you can browse online while you browse in-store. The fitting rooms include a huge digital display at the entrance, so that customers who are waiting to try stuff on can keep up to date with the latest tweets and pics.
The space also feels better organised - my impression of some MRP stores has been one of organised chaos; this store clearly demarcates the guys, gals, accessories and shoes, denims and other areas clearly, providing visual cues that help you find what you are looking for more efficiently. My youngest daughter was enamoured with loads of items and managed to pick up 5 items for R280, which means this MRP store gives you fabulous clothing choices whilst keeping the prices affordable. There isn't a kids-specific offering as per the standard Mr Price stores, but there are loads of cool offerings that would excite any young budding fashionista.      
MRP V&A are also featuring the talents of local designer Nick Coutts, winner of the 2013 ELLE Rising Star Design Award. I loved the pairing of his funky shiny blue jacket with the more subtle pastel tones and was amazed at the prices for this designer gear - R329.99 for the jacket, R89.99 for the skirt and R79.99 for the top! MRP V&A can be found on the Ground Level of the V&A Waterfront and is open daily from 09:00 - 21:00, which gives you plenty of time to get over there for a spot of retail therapy!

by Philippa McRae
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by Phil

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17 September 2018 at 11:00 am
jon hi, how do we access the free MR.P wifi at store?
2 September 2014 at 01:38 pm
Wendy agree, love the new store and look. As most peeps would know/noticed, all clothing marked "made in china" is a bad sign. When one purchases a L, XL or XXL you are guaranteed that it probably won't fit. So as much as i enjoyed purchasing at the new store. the next day i returned all the goodies i bought because they didnt fit... Noneheless, the experience in the new store was great, even on opening day.

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