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Darlings, we only have a few more weeks left of summer (eep!) and for one am going to make sure I make the most of them by lazing by the pool as much as humanely possible! And, to make the lazing that much more enjoyable I’m going to be sporting a stunning bikini from a fabulous local swimwear label – Peaches Swimwear! So if you’re looking for a way to celebrate your curves and look as pretty as a peach on the beach then this is the brand for you! To make a long story boring, there are a million and one reasons I’m in love with Peaches and here are just a few of them.

One of the biggest reasons I love Peaches Swimwear is that they are locally produced! Everything is made and designed by local girls Cait and Alex right here in South Africa and it doesn’t get any more local or lekker than that. I also love the whole ethos of the brand – the girls were inspired to launch a fun and fabulous range of bikinis after a sensational beach holiday and set out to create a brand that celebrated the feeling of relaxing on the beach or poolside with a cocktail in hand, when life is just peaches.

Then of course there’s the bikinis themselves and the fact they are so cute it should be a crime! The range features a multitude of colours and designs and I’m absolutely besotted with the fact that the bikinis are made to fit your curves and accentuate your unique style. You see, the clever sausages at Peaches have taken a wardrobe staple and made it into an item that is versatile and works for you, no matter what mood you are in. Each bikini in the range can be worn three different (bandeau-style, halter-neck or boob-tube) and is available in an almost endless range of colour combinations and prints – which means you can buy one bikini and wear it a different way each time or splurge a little and buy two or three bikinis in different colours and then mix and match the tops and bottoms for endless possibilities! In short, Peaches is all about being unique and standing out from the crowd – while looking simply sensational doing it.

Some of my favourites ranges from the label include the Chocolates & Lemonade Range (featuring lime green, pink, brown and multi-coloured print tops and bottoms), the Spring Splash Range (featuring white, peach, yellow, tie-dye a multi-colour stripe print tops and bottoms) and the Pink Peacock Range (featuring white, peach, multi-colour stripe and peacock print tops and bottoms).

I got my hands on a simply stunning pastel blue and purple bikini from their Two-Tone Range (a bold and oh-so-chic range) and absolutely love it. As I mentioned, the bikinis can be worn three different ways and I was quite impressed with how comfy it was all three ways. I’ve tried on quite a few bandeau-style bikinis in the past and haven’t found one that fits quite as well as this one does and was about to give up on finding a perfect fit before I found peaches. It hugs my curves in all the right places and doesn’t crumple or crease in the wrong ones.

So, if you are a serious fashionista and are looking for a range of swimwear that is pretty, fashion forward and that can keep up with your changing fashion moods then you simply must invest in a Peaches Bikini right now.

The Peaches Swimwear bikinis are R500 for a bikini set (top and bottom), R200 for a separate top and R300 for a separate bottom. You can scope out the entire range on their Facebook page and place an order via email or telephone (contact details in the pink box at the top of this post).

By Crystal Espin
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by Crystal

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