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Running is a great way to keep fit … except, of course, when you run out of steam (ha!). Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us, Darlings … that’s why adidas has introduced the UltraBOOST – to give you an extra spring in your step when you need it the most!

I was lucky enough to experience this brand spanking new shoe in full force at the launch event in Joburg (jet setting is tough but someone’s got to do it!), which was an amazing run through the city streets on a Tuesday evening. The run started off in Braamfontein, where we made our way through a tunnel that was lit up with LED lights before getting picked up in a kombi halfway through and taken to key landmarks ... we even got to run through a lit up maze!

Now, when I say that the shoe gives you an extra spring in your step, I really mean it! When you put a pair on, it feels like you’re walking on marshmallowy air … and when you run, they almost lift you up with each stride! 

As for the tech behind it, the UltraBOOST was created using ARAMIS – a system trusted by the likes of NASA, Boeing and Audi … they’ve certainly earned my trust! The shoe lets you perform consistently because it’s made up of thousands of energy capsules, complemented by the elimination of the traditional EVA midsole and offering more direct contact. UltraBOOST also boasts a new dual-density TORSION® SYSTEM in its base … this allows for more independent movement between heel and forefoot for superior stability and a smooth, more controlled run. 

And what about style? Some running shoes out there are hideous (and that’s an understatement!). Well, this shoe looks as good as it performs, don’t you worry! In fact, I might trade my heels in for these babies permanently! So if you’re looking for an excuse to start running (or get back into it … who runs in winter anyway?), the new adidas UltraBOOST will be available at adidas retail outlets and associated stockists from 12 August 2015 for R2 499.

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19 August 2015 at 01:28 pm
Shyne Is there a race walking model in this range
19 August 2015 at 10:12 am
Melanie I need a pair of these beaut-babies.... what a hefty tag though Ô_Ô

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