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Ladies (and gentlemen reading this over their lady’s shoulder) I have found yet another fabulous product that you just have to buy your main man for Valentine’s Day, his birthday or any other special occasion. If your man has a beard and your skin is constantly on red alert from his welcomed but painfully stabby kisses then you are going to jump for joy when you see this stuff. It’s called The Gentleman’s Beard Oil and it will blow you and your man away!

Local online store, Hashtag Awesome has done it again! I reviewed some of their products for women recently and loved that they had such a unique selection of products that aren’t available anywhere else in South Africa. This time around they’ve brought us a beard oil for men who are sick and tired of their beard looking like the set of the Itchy and Scratchy show. Now you may recall that I reviewed another mens’ beard brand a little while ago, and while I thought that brand was absolutely fabulous it’s always good to have choices in life!

So what makes this beard oil different from the other one I reviewed? Well, firstly it’s a little more affordable – the product is exclusive to local online store Hashtag Awesome and sells for just R129 (compared to the other brand's beard oil which sold for R160). The packaging is also quite different in that it is a screw top cap with a slow pour nozzle on the top to ensure you use the product sparingly (compared to the other brand’s dropper top nozzle). I actually prefer the screw top cap with the slow pour nozzle because it’s easier to dispense the product, but again this comes down to your man’s preference.

Speaking of packaging, I also love that the Gentleman’s Beard Oil has an old timey barbershop feel to it. Both the box and bottle are reminiscent of the 1920s when metrosexuals didn’t exist and beards were the order of the day. The Fresh Wood scent of the oil is also lovely and my male guinea pig loved that the smell wasn’t too overpowering. Said guinea pig also loved how the product made his skin feel after a few weeks of use and found that it helped to treat dryness of the skin under his beard while also softening his beard at the same time. He also found that the product was super easy to use and loved that he just needed to apply 4-6 drops of the product to his beard after washing his face in the morning.

The Gentleman’s Beard Oil is also alcohol free and is made from Moroccan Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil and a mixture of essential oils that the skin loves. And, for the man who hates having multiple products, the oil can also be used as an oil-based cologne.

The beard oil can be ordered directly from the Hashtag Awesome online store.

By Crystal Espin
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by Crystal

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