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When it comes to makeup, being a hoarder can pay off … trust me on that one! After all, it helps to have a variety of different products to achieve different looks. Haircare products, however, are another story. Most hair products provide multiple benefits, so you obviously don’t need hundreds on hand. To weed through the superfluous and pull out the essentials, I’ve put together this complete list of the only hair products every girl needs to own!

1. A Boar Bristle Brush

A boar bristle brush is fabulous for creating a perfect, sleek ponytail or a full, voluminous wave. Sadly, a 100% boar bristle brush can come with a price tag hefty enough to make baldness appealing, so if you don’t have much cash to splash, try the affordable alternative that is TRESemme Protect Oval Porcupine Cushion Brush All Hair Lengths. This essential brush is made with 50% nylon and 50% boar bristles, and goes for only R110 at Clicks.


2. Hair Oil

Yes, everyone needs hair oil – even those with fine hair! A quality oil will help keep your mid-lengths to ends looking frizz-free and polished. It will also promote incredibly shiny, healthy-looking locks. For a luxurious, moisturising oil that won’t weigh your hair down, try OGX Nourishing Coconut Oil Weightless Hydrating Oil Mist, available at Foschini. Bonus: It smells like pina coladas … yum!


3. Leave-In Conditioner

This may seem like an unnecessary step in your haircare routine if you condition your hair in the shower, but trust me – it’s crucial! Leave-in conditioner helps you detangle and comb through your hair more easily, which saves time. It also helps keep strands hydrated and acts like a primer before applying styling products. My go-to leave-in conditioner is Kerastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique, available at most top hair salons.


4. A Salon-Quality Blow Dryer

A salon-quality blow dryer may seem like a splurge, but it’s sure worth the investment. After using one, it’ll look like you just got a professional blowout! Plus, a well-made, powerful dryer cuts your drying time in half. You can’t go wrong with the TRESemme Lightweight Compact Hair Dryer 1800W or the Carmen Ehc Pro Dryer 220W, both of which are available at Dis-Chem Pharmacies.


5. Heat Protectant Spray

If you use hot tools on your hair, a heat protectant spray is a must. With the power in modern blow dryers and the high heat of hair straighteners and curling tongs, it’s essential to make sure your hair stays healthy and looks its best! My pick is the Lee Stafford Miracle Heat Defence Spray, which is made with rich and nourishing argan oil for maximum protection. You can pick up a bottle at Clicks. 


6. Dry Shampoo

Most of us don’t wash our hair every day because our hairdressers tell us not to, right? But while fewer washes may mean a healthier scalp and softer ends, it can also mean greasy roots! And that’s exactly why I call dry shampoo a girl’s best friend. It will mop up oily roots in seconds while freshening up and adding volume to your hair at the same time. My all-time favourite is Batiste Dry Shampoo from Clicks. You can choose from a number of fragrances, including Floral & Flirty Blush, Fruity & Cheeky Cherry and Coconut & Exotic Tropical.


7. A Multiuse Flat Iron

Even if you aren’t a fan of straightening your hair, a flat iron is a handy tool to have around. Opt for a multipurpose one that you can use to smooth out frizz around your hairline, add volume and waves, as well as create a pin-straight look. Shop the latest GHD range of flat irons at your nearest professional hair salon.


8. Flexible-Hold Hairspray

Hairspray adds the finishing touch to any hairstyle. I recommend buying a travel-sized hairspray that you can slip into your handbag for when you travel or are out and about. If you’re only going to buy one hairspray, make it a lightweight, flexible-hold formula, like Fudge Urban Iced Raspberry & Vanilla Hairspray from Clicks. The delightfully fruity-smelling spray is perfect for spritzing onto both down- and up-styles. 


9. A Curling Iron

If you don’t have natural ringlets or waves and ever want to wear your hair in curls, this tool is just what you’ll need. Go for a curling iron in a versatile size if you’re only going to have one. The BaByliss Nano Curling Tong 25 mm 2325E from Clicks is a great buy! It’s ideal for creating tight curls, loose curls as well as natural-looking waves. 


10. A Ceramic Round Brush

Just like the blow dryer, a good round brush will speed up your drying time and give you a better final look. Using a quality ceramic round brush like the Clicks Professionals Nano Titanium Ceramic Radial Brush Medium while blow drying can even make it so that you don’t need to use a flat iron or curling iron. Curl your hair around the brush for bouncy waves, or let it roll off the brush for sleek, straight hair!


In addition to the above, it’s obviously also important to always have a quality shampoo and conditioner combo that suits your hair type (dull, fine, damaged, dry and so on), especially if you colour your hair. Have you got everything that I recommend? What are your go-to haircare products? Let me know on Facebook!

by Candice

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