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Darlings get ready to have fabulously fit skin as today I’m going to be telling you all about a fabulous new skincare range from the ladies who brought you pregnancy skincare range, Mama Mio. So, without further ado here’s why you simply must try the brand new Mio Skincare range!

I have so much to tell you about Mio but the thing I want to rave about the most is the incredible Mio Get Waisted treatment – a slimming treatment of note that helps you get rid of excess fat cells as well as toxins that cause bloating. The treatment utilises a range of products including Mio’s amazing Get Waisted cream. The Get Waisted cream is pure genius in a bottle and can also be used at home to tighten and firm skin on any area of your body that needs a bit of a nip and a tuck. After an hour of rigorous massage and a body wrap I was amazed at how many centre metres I had lost – I measured a good 4 – 5 centre metres straight after the treatment (most of which was water loss I’m sure) and for a few days my jeans were a little bit looser and I just felt more toned and fit. Of course you will also get much better results from the treatment if you buy a course of six treatments. The Mio Get Waisted treatment is R850 for an hour session and a course of six treatments for R4250.
I also got the chance to try some of the other fabulous Mio products at home and fell in love with them. My most favourite products are the Boob Tube+ multi-action bust firmer and the Workout Wonder invigorating muscle gel. Boob Tube does wonders for tightening and firming the skin in your bust and décolleté area and I noticed a definite difference in the way my skin felt after using it twice a day for a few weeks. The Workout Wonder is also the best muscle relief gel in the history of ever and gave me some much needed relief after intense workouts at Bodytec. It instantly soothes muscles and helps relieve that painful burn you get a day or two after hitting the gym.

Both products were in the Mio Fit Skin Kit which included a 30 ml bottle of Boob Tube+, 30 ml tube of The Activist firming active body oil and 30 ml bottle of Workout Wonder invigorating muscle motivating gel. The Mio Fit Skin Kit (R650) is a great starter pack for those just starting out with Mio as it gives you the products you need to boost the way your skin looks and feels.

The Mio range also includes body butters, bath soaks, serums and more and all the products are available for purchase to use at home in your daily beauty routine. You can pick up your favourite Mio products from various stockists in Cape Town including Mommy Wellness Day Spa and Pure Skin.

By Crystal Espin
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by Crystal

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