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I have a confession to make; I stopped exfoliating my face ages ago. I know, it’s bad and I should try and do it at least once a week but to be honest exfoliating my face with scrubs, masks and what not doesn’t really work for me. My skin is far too sensitive and to be honest I’d rather not have red, stinging skin for a day after exfoliating. But luckily for me I’ve discovered a brand new tool that has revolutionised the way I treat my skin after a busy week. Now, thanks to Exfolimate I can exfoliate without having to worry about agitating my skin and I am beyond excited about it. What’s more it’s not just for your face; you can use this nifty tool on your entire body! Here’s why you NEED to get your very own Exfolimate.

As you already know, exfoliation is the process of removing the dry, dead cells of skin that harbour on the surface of your skin. This lingering debris creates common skin problems like clogged pores, breakouts and blackheads, so it’s pretty important to regularly exfoliate your skin. Not to mention the fact that shaving, waxing and all other forms of hair removal just don’t work if you don’t exfoliate first. Alas some people, like me, don’t really react favourably to abrasive exfoliation and even if you don’t have sensitive skin most exfoliating products don’t effectively remove all of the oils and debris that create skin problems. Luckily that’s where Exfolimate comes in. Trust me; this little gadget is going to be your new best friend as it allows you to exfoliate safely and effectively in no time at all.

Exfolimate is a reusable tool that allows you to physically remove the dirt, oils and other debris from your skin with its gentle steel exfoliating edge and cell catching micro-grooves. Now I know what you’re thinking, “A steel edge? That sounds pretty hardcore!” I thought the exact same thing when I first opened the Exfolimate box. I took one look at it and thought: “Holy cheese balls there is no way I am using that on my skin.” But I did (remember, huge sucker for punishment). I started off slowly by exfoliating my legs before shaving and loved it! I was amazed at how effectively the tool removed dead skin cells and also how non-scary it was. The steel edge is nothing to be scared of and in fact it is more gentle than any scrub or mask I have ever used. The tool is non-abrasive and won’t cut or scratch your skin. From there it was on to my face and I loved it even more. Nothing exfoliates my skin quite like this thing and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an alternative to conventional exfoliating products.

The great thing about Exfolimate is that it glides along the contours of your skin to unveil the smoother, younger layers of skin hiding beneath. I also love that it is a more natural way to exfoliate your body and face as you use nothing but water and no other chemicals. The tool is also super easy to clean and won’t harbour any nasty goodies. Simply run the skin smoothing edge under warm running water and your tool is ready to go for your next exfoliation session.

Exfolimate is great for exfoliating your face once a week, for pre-tan application, home pedicures and shaving and can be used in the bath or shower. Exfoliate is available in the Duo Unit (a large one for the body and smaller one for the face) at R380 and a single unit (one large one to be used anywhere on the body) at R290. Visit the Indulgence Spa Products website now to order your very own Exfolimate.

By Crystal Espin
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by Crystal

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