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Someone needs to invite me to a baby shower and stat! I don’t care who it is – my sister-in-law, a close girlfriend, colleague, or random stranger - I just NEED to have the opportunity to buy someone a baby shower gift from today’s find! As we speak I am scanning (read frantically stalking) my Facebook newsfeed to see if someone, anyone has announced that they have a bun in the oven and it’s all because of Cotton Candyfloss. These gifts for babies up to 12 months are the most creative and precious baby shower gifts in the history of ever and I can’t wait for you to see them.

The little baby shower gifting store is the brainchild of Litza Karatzoglou, and even though my friends, family and other people I vaguely know have been selfish enough not to get pregnant recently I am still beyond excited that Cotton Candyfloss exists. The proudly South African company supplies handmade gifts for babies and toddlers in order to provide something different from the giant plastic baby bottles filled with baby paraphernalia (do they still make those?) and the usual same-old-same-old on baby shower gift registries. The online store sells all the essentials your expectant friend will need for baby but with an extra special twist. So what makes these gifts so special? That’s easy, it’s the way they are packaged. I know, I know, that might sound lame but trust me, it’s incredibly cool.
Each gift is handmade and then hand packaged by Litza to resemble different kinds of ‘candy’ or sweet treats. There’s no doubt about it, Litza is an artist, she just chooses to create her art with itty bitty baby grows, blankets, teeny tiny socks, face clothes and more. The way she turns seemingly ordinary baby essentials into the perfect gift is just mind blowing. The gifts are the perfect choice for baby showers, hospital gifts for the arrival of new babies, baby's first birthday, christenings, Christmas, Easter or any other special occasion, and can be ordered from the comfort of your own home and then delivered directly to your friend as a surprise. Gifts can also be sent directly to you before the big event so you can hand over the item yourself and enjoy the look on your friend’s face.
Some of my favourite things from the Cotton Candyfloss range include the Baby Flower Bucket (a mini metal bucket containing a soft cotton baby receiving blanket and a pair of white baby cotton socks wrapped to resemble an ice cream dessert complete with a cherry on top – R170), Box of Baby Cupcake Socks (a beautiful gift box containing four pairs of soft cotton towelling baby socks rolled up to resemble four cupcakes – R195 each) and the Jam Jars in various ‘flavours’ (a glass jar filled with a cute cotton baby grow with felt strawberry, apple or bee on the front and packaged to resemble a jar of strawberry jam, apple sauce or honey – R140 each).

And, if gifts that resemble sweet treats don’t catch your fancy then make sure you check out their other gift boxes and hampers. I love the Pretty Owl Gift Set which comes with a soft cotton stuffed owl toy resting on a branch of two pairs of soft cotton towelling baby socks presented in a windowed gift box (R165 each), and the Surprise in a Box gift set (a cute cotton baby outfit consisting of a t-shirt, pair of shorts, beanie, bib, and booties all packaged in a cute white Chinese take away box – R160 each). And, if you want something extra special then Cotton Candyfloss can also create personalised hampers to suit your colour scheme and budget.

Customers can see the entire Cotton Candyfloss range on their Facebook page and request a full product catalogue from Litza.


One lucky Darling stands the chance to win a R300 Cotton Candyfloss voucher (valid for 6 months) to spend on themselves and their baby or on a special friend and their little one! To enter simply like the Cotton Candyfloss Facebook page and send your name and telephone number to editorial@velocitymedia.co.za. We will notify winners by email and telephone.

By Crystal Espin
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by Crystal

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