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So the other night was very exciting for me… I finally got the chance to go to a restaurant that has been the talk of the town for the past few years! A little overdue, I know, but Sushi Box in Kloof Street has been on my radar for a while, so my husband and I braved the cold one evening and hit the town.

Sushi Box Kloof Street, is situated in one of Cape Town’s trendiest areas (you may remember that we recently reviewed the Sushi Box in Newlands as well). It’s a quaint restaurant inside, with a minimalist, clean interior which definitely speaks to its Japanese roots. 

To me, what’s most striking about the restaurant is the floating, white Chinese lanterns which form a very dreamy ceiling and the scores of gold fish spray painted on the white wall. They’ve definitely got the design principle of repetition spot on! Sushi Box also has a great street side seating area which would have been my first choice, if not for the cold.

We were immediately greeted by our friendly waiter, who seated us and asked for our drinks order. While we were deciding, he mentioned that they had just made some freshly squeezed orange juice… it wasn’t really something I would drink at a sushi restaurant but strangely enough, it sounded rather appealing and I ordered it.

The menu is concise and well chosen, offering the best of the best and a handful of great side dishes like miso soups, Vietnamese salads and edamame beans. We chose the Omega 3, 16-piece combo box consisting of salmon roses, salmon maki, salmon California rolls and salmon sashimi. We couldn’t resist the tempura combo either, so we went for the 10-piece tempura prawn roll (it’s an avo and salmon California roll topped with a tempura prawn, mayo and sesame seeds).

Just so you know, I’m always hesitant to dine at new sushi restaurants for two main reasons – the first being that if there isn’t a dedicated ‘half price sushi’ night, things can get pretty pricey, especially in the heart of Cape Town. The other reason is that I already have my all-time favourite sushi restaurant (which deserves its own article) and I find that other restaurants just fail to live up to it.

But when the food arrived, all my concerns were put to bed! The presentation was just beautiful and the sushi was beautifully rolled, with great attention to detail. In my opinion, one thing that so many sushi bars get wrong is making their pieces too big… you can’t fit them in your mouth and you feel you need to cut them into halves or quarters, which is really tricky to do.

Well, these were just perfect! They were fresh, vibrant, neat and just absolutely delicious. The star of the show was definitely the tempura prawn rolls (they just melted in your mouth). The Sushi Box is definitely a contender for my personal favourite and I’m sure I’ll be returning… soon.

by Chacey

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