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I know that a mother's love should be unconditional, but I think even my mother will acknowledge that I am the most useless crafts person in the world. I recall the dreaded Home Economics class in standard five (wow, I feel old), where we were required to knit and sew stuff; I think I managed to contribute a barely-there square. After weeks of knitting, please note. High school was even more traumatic, and I was thrilled to choose Latin over Home Ec, rather than subject myself (or my poor tea...

Keep Calm and Buy Some Yarn at Chocolate & Vanille!

  I have decided that a handbag is a woman’s most powerful weapon! A handbag turns every woman into a Girl Scout of note (from wet wipes, make-up and hand sanitizer to safety pins, tweezers and floss we’ve got our entire lives in there) and as long as we have our handbags we are always ... An Endless Supply of Arm Candy From Jinger Jack!    

  I absolutely love beautiful things – things that stand out from the crowd and are so perfect they command your attention. The only problem with shopping for beautiful things is that you really have to hunt for them and curating your own beautiful space often involves visiting shop after sho... Shop For All Things Luxurious at The Beautiful Store!    

  Nothing makes my day like discovering a factory shop for one of my very favourite fashion outlet stores! I have been a massive fan of Australian brand Cotton On since they arrived on our shores a few years ago, but I always try to keep my visits to their stores to a minimum owing to my fear of ba... All Hail The Cotton On Factory Shop, Cape Town!    

  Heaven knows we all need some joy in our lives, especially in light of the serious stuff going on at the moment. I don't know about you but I find myself smiling at small things - like my Labradors being, well Labradors (they really are the funniest creatures). Or seeing a funny video shared on F... Pop Into Pylones, For The Coolest Gifts Ever!    

  I’ve featured a bunch of products for babies and toddlers on the blog in the past – baby clothing, toys, decor items, you name it I’ve featured it – but a little while ago I realised that I haven’t featured anything for the moms! Which brings me to today’s find... Mommies and Mommies-To-Be Will Love Cupcakes and Mudpies    

  While driving on my way to one of my many Joburg’s Darling adventures last week, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by a rather lovely sounding gentleman who had called in to the radio station I was listening to – he told the DJ all about his family’s plans to host an interv... Oh My, OhOneOne Is Too Fabulous!    

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