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I am absolutely loving my job at the moment - I get to explore the city and surrounds, munch on delicious food and try out new and cool things to do. And, I must say that Woodstock has become one of my favourite spots to explore. I know that born-and-bred Capetonians will probably sigh and roll their eyes because they knew it was cool BEFORE it was cool. So forgive me if you have heard all of this before, and bear with me as I wax lyrical about The Bromwell Boutique Mall.

Style Meets Substance at The Bromwell Boutique Mall

  I’ve never claimed to be a fully fledged bunny hugger (although I will admit that bunnies are all kinds of awesome to hug) but I do try and do my part for the environment where I can. I recycle, buy free range, use environmentally friendly cleaning goodies at home and I try to use as many n... UASHMAMA Gives You Look and Feel of Leather Without The Guilt!    

  Great news – legendary workout brand Lorna Jane has finally hit Cape Town! I’ve never been one of those girls who gets all prettied up for a workout - I’ve just never seen the point. To put it simply my workout clothes shelf is where clothes go to die – on... Get Pumped Up With Lorna Jane!    

  As I have stated ad nauseum to anyone that will listen, I am a pragmatist at heart. Give me a problem to solve and I will endeavour to find the most practical solution possible. However I am not immune to left-of-field solutions either, so when I find a like-minded business where the two meet I m... Add Entrepo's Gorgeous Homeware to your Must-Have's List!    

  Darlings, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but your credit card is about to suffer a serious setback! You see I’ve gone and found an amazingly awesome online gifting and decor store and there’s isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that your bank balance is going to make it... Shoo! These Are Some Seriously Mooi Goete    

  If there’s one thing I’ve realised from working on Cape Town’s Darling it’s that shopping for baby stuff is fun! I’m pretty sure that when it’s your own child the idea of buying yet another thing that your baby needs can get a bit overwhelming,  but when y... Swaddle Your Baby In Style with Baby Noenoe!    


When I was a little girl my best friend was a fuzzy brown teddy bear named Cuddles (so named because he bore a striking resemblance to my beloved Maltese poodle of the same name). That teddy slept with me every night and went throug...

Get The Best Family Heirloom Ever From Taunina!    

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