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I have to confess that I don't have the proverbial green fingers that my parents seem to have. In fact, I reckon my fingers are closer to being the Black Digits of Death. I absolutely adore beautiful gardens, those sculpted works of art that have taken years to cultivate; alas my talents do not lie in this area so it makes sense that I put my attention on plants that will pretty much survive on their own, with little maintenance required. Which is why I am so excited to tell you about Read More...

Turning Gardens into Design Pieces with The Garden Canvas

  Darlings, today’s find is simply the cutest and coolest thing ever! When I first saw this online decor shop I shrieked (literally) and couldn’t tear myself away. The Little Honey Pot is a haven for anyone who loves unique decor pieces and trust me when I say you are g... Dip Into The Little Honeypot And You’ll Find Gold!    

  As the wise and beautiful Beyonce once sang “If I were a boy, even just for a day, I’d spend the day shopping at Hello Man.” Ok fine, I realise she didn’t sing that and that the sentence doesn’t even remotely rhyme but I’m pretty sure if Beyonce had discovered ... Gifts For The Man In Your Life Sorted With Hello Man!    

  I am beyond excited to fill you in about the awesomeness that is today’s find! If you’re a home decor fanatic and love filling your home with super unique items, like I do, then be prepared to fall hopelessly in love with home decor extraordinaire, L'Emile et Son! The... L'Emile Et Son Is The Bees Knees!    

  Super popular UK beauty brand Lush arrived in South Africa a little while ago but for some weird reason it took me forever to venture into one of their stores. But, once I did it was super easy to see why they have got such a cult following overseas. I paid a visit to the Lush sh... I’m In Lust With Lush!    

  Over the past few months, I have introduced you to loads of ways to spend your hard earned cash – because life is too short not to invest in pretty things. From where to eat delicious grub to where to buy the most unique decor items, I’ve found it all! And, today’s discovery is ... Get Ready To Swoon At The Goodies From Big Heart Company    

  I have often reflected on my childhood memories and how certain traditions and rituals have permeated both my childhood and adult life. Although both my parents were raised in Afrikaans speaking households my dad embraced the very English tradition of making tea, and so I was raised as a tea-tota... Fabulous Ceramics and Royal Albert Tea sets at WhatNot & Chinatown!    

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