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I love a beautiful pair of high heels as much as the next girl but to be completely honest, nothing speaks to my heart more than a pretty pair of flats. What’s not to love? They’re cute, comfy and you can wear them all day without wanting to murder someone by the time you get home. Lately I’ve been on the hunt for a super cute pair of pumps that will not only survive an entire season of everyday wear but also look ridiculously cute – believe it or not it’s a tall...

I Love These Pumps From Cinnamon!

  You may notice that I will writing about a lot of kid’s things in the future. I promise I’m not in the least bit broody - I’m just very aware of the fact that there are loads of moms out there that read Cape Town’s Darling, so I’m always on the lookout for cute thing... Make Your Kid’s Room Magical With Monkey Prints!    

  My husband is the strong and (mostly) silent type, but every now and again he comes up with an observation that hits the proverbial nail on the head. Kieron is convinced that Cape Town has its own mysterious marketing department, that manages to arrange for the most gorgeous weather at the most o... Get Winter-Ready with Gorgeous Quilts and Throws from Harridans    

  A little while ago I told you all about my addiction to accessories and my ever expanding collection of necklaces, earrings and bracelets. My most-favourite pieces in my collection are, without a doubt, my investment pieces. These are the types of pieces that can make an outfit and that you plan ... Win With Kirsten Goss!    

  Let me start by putting it out there – I love baked goodies, even though my thighs scream in protest every time I bring a tasty morsel to my lips. My aunt Rentia used to make a killer Milk Tart, one that has yet to be matched by anyone. My mom-in-law is the Master of baking (and puddings). ... Baking and Catering Heaven at CAB Foods!    

  When I was a poor student with no cash to my name I used to make mood boards of what my home was going to look like one day when I was no longer a poor student with no money. One of the things that was also top of my list was a Coricraft couch for my lounge - I didn’t care ... Visit The Coricraft Factory Shop For Amazing Bargains!    

  I have a confession to make. I am secretly (well, not after this post) and totally envious of my friend Shelli NT (of and Joburg’s Darling fame) because of her innate talent for interior design. She manages to mix and match fabrics, furnishings and colours with ease, yet create... French Inspired Gifts, Décor & Furniture at Farriers    

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