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Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone can be crazy difficult! Especially if your significant other is like my boyfriend who wants for nothing ... except a Playstation 4 and an electronic drum kit. Needless to say my lowly journalists’ salary doesn’t allow for such extravagant gifts so I have to be all mushy and settle for the sentimental side of things. And, nothing screams sentiment more than pictures! Which is why I was super excited to discover...

Create the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift with Prinstagram!

  If like everyone else in the world you are using the month of January to get back into shape... or finally get into shape after years of promising yourself that THIS, this is the year that you will be the best you can possibly be. We all go through it and let’s face it; most of us never rea... Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Headphones Are The Business!    

  Have you ever driven past a shop that has caught your attention, but despite vowing to return you just never quite get there? Well today's find is one such spot - and I want to kick myself, hard, for not getting there sooner. My Fab Friend Di bought a gorgeous chandelier from them not too long ag... My New Favourite Must-Visit Antique and Furniture Store!    

  If your best friend, daughter-in-law or colleague has had a baby recently and you haven’t the faintest idea what to get her to celebrate the arrival of her little bundle of joy, then once again I am here to save the day (no thank you necessary). Trust me, you’re going to get major bro... I Adore This Baby Wall Art BY Designed With Love!    

  At this time of year the lyrics "money's too tight to mention" from a Simply Red song spring to mind. Christmas gifts, food and entertainment budgets - eventually I start pondering the wisdom of blowing all that cash in a few weeks. And then January becomes the longest month in history. So this y... Stockroom One - Fab Formal Designer Clothing at Cost Prices!    

  Hello, my name is Philippa and I am addicted to stationery; it has been two weeks since my last stationery purchase. My husband is threatening to remove every notebook, pretty pencil and cutesy folder and is really upset that my habit has now rubbed off on my daughters, who also hoard pretty pape... Marigold is My New-Favourite Stationery and Girly Gifting Shop!    

  Shopping for furniture can be such a nightmare! Who has time to schlep from store to store searching for the perfect piece of furniture when you are met with nothing but disappointment at every turn? I mean, Murphy’s Law states that when you are on the hunt for a charcoal coloured side tabl... Sitting Pretty with Sit and Co    

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