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There’s nothing more demoralising than spending hours and hours slaving over a hot stove to create the perfect meal for your dinner party, Christmas lunch or birthday celebration and then having no energy left to face the trauma of having to plate it all and create beautiful place settings and table decor. But dammit - your culinary masterpiece deserves to be showcased in its best light and today I have the ultimate solution to create utterly stunning table settings so that your food ca...

TableArt Makes Table Decor Easy Peasy!

  Shopping for underwear can be a nightmare of note – especially the whole business of being measured for your correct bra size. Let’s face it not everyone is comfortable being felt up in the change room by some lady with a measuring ribbon, and not everyone enjoys the schlep of going t... Triumph Launches Online Store!    

  I am so excited to tell you about today's find that I am going to dispense with my usual chit-chat and get straight to the point. I actually spotted this gem a while ago but was always in too much of a hurry to stop and check it out. And quite honestly I was also a bit skeptical, based on its loc... Affordable Upcycled French and Antique Furniture from Frantique    

  Darlings life is too short to wear boring clothes. Think about it; when you’re 105 and lying on your death bed will you be thinking how happy you are that you went through life wearing nothing but comfy cardigans and grey, lots of grey? The answer is no (if the answer is yes then today&rsqu... I’m In Love With These Quirky Tights and Leggings From Kelzies!    

  The festive season seems to start earlier and earlier every year! Seriously, this year I saw people putting up their Christmas trees and decorations as early as the 1st of November and don’t even get me started on the retail stores and the airport who had their Christmas goodies up as early... These Are a Few of My Favourite Things    

  You may have noticed that I am on a bit of a fitness trip at the moment. After 6 months of sitting around on my bum after my knee operation I have finally been given the go-ahead to start exercising again, and I’m loving it! While my mobility is still limited it’s great to be able to ... Muvit Makes Staying Fit Super Fun!    

  Every time my husband's birthday comes around I struggle to find an appropriate gift for him. I am sure there are loads of things that any man who "has everything" would love to have (a Ferrari; a trip to the Monaco Grand Prix; an abseil down some or other remote mountain). However these are well... Baraka Gifts and Decor - a Haven of Fab Collectibles and Gifts!    

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