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Who cares about diamonds? If there’s anything that is a girl’s best friend it is shoes. Sure, diamonds are shiny and stuff but do they really bring you as much joy as shoes do? If you are struggling with that question then the answer is no, no Darlings they don’t. If you think about it shoes can be the most powerful thing you adorn your body with – they can make you feel instantly taller, thinner, more confident,  and I’ve never met a diamond that can do all...

ER Collection by Eda Rose – Shoes Well Worth Lusting After!

  I am a 70s baby, and I spent my teenage years desperately trying to perm my hair, and find good reasons to wear shoulder pads, leg warmers and large hoop earrings at the same time. And one thing I have noticed is that so many of those old-school trends re-emerge (including songs that the kids of ... Fab Retro and Art Deco Inspiration Awaits at ANOUK Furniture and Decor!    

  This might be embarrassing to admit but I am a complete hoarder of costume jewellery and on top of that my jewellery storage is absolute chaos. I’ve got a million and one little boxes in my bedroom all of which contain rings, bracelets, earrings, and other bits and bobs and then a series of... Bling Thing Helps You Say Goodbye To Chaos!    

  By this time it should be no secret that I love baked goodies. And despite my best intentions to lead a relatively carb-free life, I am afraid that a delicious cheesecake or macaroon will invariably lead to my downfall. I really appreciate the energy and time it takes to master a great cake, and ... Be Your Own Cake Boss with the Help of The Baker's Den    

  What’s the one thing you can’t live without - I mean, besides your significant other and your pet pooch, Mr Bigglesworth? For me that one thing is my Smartphone. To me my phone is so much more than just a phone; it’s my diary, notebook, camera, portable web surfing device and mo... Shop For The Coolest Mobile Accessories at Cellularmall!    

  Darlings, please forgive me for I have sinned... for years I've been lusting over my best friend’s shoes! I know jealousy and lust are wrong but if you saw these shoes then you'd understand. She has a collection of absolutely beautiful Melissa shoes and they have the audaci... Melissa Shoes Are The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of!    

  If there are two things I love it’s food and anything with a touch of nostalgia, and today’s find has a bit of both (yay!) The only problem with loving food so much is that it requires you to cook, and often (if only eating out at fancy pants restaurants every day wasn’t so expe... Don’t Know What To Make For Dinner? Just Gooi!    

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