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I have previously written about my inability to keep a plant alive for longer than a week. Coupled with the fact that our current home is built on what amounts to a sand dune, and you have a recipe for horticultural disaster. And although we are merely renters of our abode it would be nice to invest in the garden, and perhaps leave a greener legacy for the next tenants. Happily I have discovered a fantastic business that manufactures water tanks, gardens beds and other cool stuff, all made fr...

Create Your Ideal Urban Garden with RainQueen

  Thanks to a rather painful knee operation a few months ago I am currently unable to wear high heels. It has been a long and arduous journey, and I would not wish this non-high heel wearing lifestyle on my worst enemy. Imagine you are heading out on the town with your girlfriends and you have spen... Jeankelly – The Most Comfy Pumps You Will EVER Wear!    

  No home is complete without something handmade. There’s just something about handmade items that add a touch of warmth to a space not to mention the fact that they also help to break up the same-same vibe often created by mass produced big retail items. Which is why I am so in love with tod... Give Your Home a Touch of Swagger!    

  If there were a Shopping Olympics then I believe my mom-in-law would win a gold medal for the cool-yet-cheap-homeware-and-gadgets category (she also has inexhaustible energy when it comes to window shopping). When living in London she could sniff a bargain out at 50 yards, and I am always amazed ...  Shop Up A Storm at Poco Discount Home Megastore!    

  I can’t believe we finally have our very own Forever 21 store right here in Cape Town! Seriously I have been lusting after their gorgeously playful and affordable goodies for ages now and have had the most incredible FOMO when seeing friends of mine living in the US wearing... Forever 21 Finally Lands in South Africa!    

  Both my husband and my eldest daughter are a little obsessive-compulsive when it comes to keeping things neat and packed "just so". Cables need to be rolled in a certain way, shirt hangers are placed facing the same way, and tshirts are rolled neatly into drawers to allow for maximum use of space... CakeGoed - Making Storage a Stylish Affair!    

  Although I attended Stellenbosch University a thousand years ago I am no wine connoisseur; in fact our main goal as students was to find the cheapest wine we could, and then lie around on the lawns of the estate drinking out of paper cups. Fortunately I have graduated to wine glasses, with some o... Caroline's Fine Wine Cellar Is a World Class Must-Visit!    

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