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I am unashamedly a chocoholic; in fact it is something that I would shout from the rooftops whilst holding a half eaten slab in each hand and wiping choccie remnants from the corners of my mouth. And I become a little puzzled when people tell me that they don't like chocolate. I respect their lifestyle choices, (and there are times when I wish I liked chocolate less, especially when I see my bum in the mirror), but it's a little bit like saying you don't like puppies. And to be clear - not al...

Decadent, Delicious, Delightful Chocolate at Honest Chocolate Café

  This is my first blog post for the new year (Crystal kick started things yesterday) so I thought I would offer my best wishes to you all - may the best of 2014 be the worst of 2015!
Today's find is kind of an oldie, in that the venue has been part of the city's landscape for years; what's ne...
Delicious Fare and Fab Service at the Company's Garden Restaurant    

  I can't quite believe it, but yesterday marks the first anniversary of our arrival in Cape Town. The last year has flown by, with one of the real measures being the rate at which my girls have grown up (and the increased number of grey hairs on my head!) I have been so lucky that my job has allow... Wholesome Food in a Beautiful Setting at Cape Farmhouse Restaurant    

  I may have mentioned this before, but one thing that I absolutely love about the city of Cape Town is that there is so much depth to the traditional business. Bicycle shops with on-site barista, laundries that double as music and coffee venues, coffee shops that sell homeware - you get the idea. ... Brilliant Brunch and Gorgeous Wares to be Found at Hemelhuijs    

  I am not sure about the rest of you, but this has been a LONG year. Moving to Cape Town has definitely been one of my highlights, even though it has brought some challenges with it (and what's life without challen... Four (and Twenty) Reasons to Visit THIS Eatery!    

  I absolutely love rediscovering the places I used to visit when I was a student at Stellenbosch. Granted, my budget was limited then, but we always managed to get enough cash together to pay for a wine tasting (or three). I have very fond memories of my then boyfriend, now husband (who drove all ... Wine and Cupcake Pairings, Picnics and More at Delheim    

  I had a sudden fit of conscience the other day and decided that I may just consider changing to a vegetarian diet. But then I realised that I couldn't live on bread (and pasta and cheese and veggies) alone, so I de... West Coast Seafood at its Best At Cafe Orca    

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