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As much as I enjoy the blogging part of my job, the reality is that it can sometimes be quite a lonely pursuit (cue violins). And although I manage to try out some cool spots after hours with various members of my family, a lot of my research is conducted in a solo capacity. Happily my fab friend Di accompanied me on my visit to today's find, and I must say that we were both impressed by Lime Tree Cafe - a neighbourhood spot that will no doubt become a firm favourite amongst ...

Delicious Food at Neighbourhood Hangout Lime Tree Cafe

  I have often been told that I make an awesome lasagne; in fact it may even be legendary amongst my family and friends. It is a recipe I have refined over a long period of time and I have yet to meet an unhappy customer, as it were. However Italian cooking is more than just Spag Bol and pizza, and... Award Winning Pasta at the Stylish 95 Keerom Restaurant    

  One of the dilemmas I often face is how best to showcase a centre that has more than one fab find in it. Do I write about one now, and then tell you about the other one in a few months time? I am not very patient so the idea of having to hang onto something for an extended period of time does not... Not One But TWO Delicious High Street Eateries!    

  I might be in danger of becoming one of those Gauteng expats, who suddenly turns on her kinfolk and declares Cape Town is the best place to live. In my previous life as a Joburg girl I was always so thrilled to find new and exciting markets, eateries and venues because there is a perception that ... An Authentic Greek Cafe Experience at the Fabulous Maria's!    

  With the advent of spring and subsequent gorgeous warm weather, ice-cream vendors are back to doing a roaring trade on the beachfront. Pink and white soft serve is synonymous with the seaside (well, for us Vaalies anyway), and there is nothing quite like the joy of devouring a cold and delicious ... N2Ice Cream Lab Makes Chemistry Super Tasty!    

  There’s no doubt about it; the Madame Zingara group have made a huge contribution to the Cape Town restaurant scene. Without them we wouldn’t have the whimsical gem that is Café Paradiso (one of my most favourite eateries in Cape Town), the zany Bombay Bicycle Club, and (of cou... Madame Zingara Does It Again With Café Manhattan!    

  I was an avid reader as a child, and some of my favorite books involved secret worlds, like Narnia, and fantastical stories, like The Magic Faraway Tree and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And although I missed out on the more adult nuances of Alice in Wonderland, the idea of a little girl mee... Fall Down the Rabbit Hole at Haas    

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