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By now it has become fairly clear that I adore a good coffee and a fab pastry. (Put up your hand if neither appeal to you. No-one? Thought so). I am also humbled by the artistic flair of many pastry chefs and home bakers, folks who pour their passion into handcrafted morsels of deliciousness that are devoured by hordes of fans. And on a recent excursion to my daughter's school hockey match in Newlands my hubby and I stumbled across Cassis Paris, tucked away in Newlands Villag...

Gorgeous Pastries and Fab Food at Cassis Paris!

  I am amenable to travelling pretty much anywhere for a great cup of coffee and a well baked pastry. That may make me a cheap date, but I get to enjoy all sorts of delights along the way. And of course I am willing to sacrifice my thighs, my stomach, even my cholesterol level to bring you the best... You Have to Try These Incredible Doughssants from Jason Bakery!    

  One of the perks of my job is getting to try out all manner of new and exciting things, but sometimes it is important to get back to basics. And as much as I appreciate a gorgeous or glamorous aesthetic, it is also rather nice to find a spot that understands the true value of good food and great ... Cosy Dining at Basic Bistro in Stellenbosch    

  I don't count myself as a squealer when it comes to finding cool and exciting items for review on this blog. Ok, maybe I squeal inside; outwardly I give off a professional and calm vibe. Today's find, however, literally had me squealing like a 13 year old girl who just got her hands on the last t... Cupcake Heaven with Bullcakes & Cupdogs!    

  I am a sucker for Romance! Sometimes I hate to admit it but I actually love all the fuss of flowers, chocolates and stolen kisses under the moonlight. But having said that, for me romance isn’t about hiring an overpriced sky writer to pen your love’s name in the sky or showering them ... Get Your Romance On at Charcoal Dining!    

  One of my bucket list travel destinations is New York City. I have been very fortunate to have visited the other Big Three (as I like to call them) - London, Paris and Rome - and each have their own special vibe and culture. So while I am saving up for that one I will just have to make do with pl... Eat and Drink in New York Style at Clarke's Bar and Dining    

  Now that I have grabbed your attention with that subject line, let me explain myself. I am a sucker for baked desserts. I blame my very South African upbringing - Malva Pudding and Custard; Baked Apple Tart (probably with custard); Sago Pudding (there may just be cream with this one). And so when... The Best Chocolate Fondant EVER at The Woodlands Eatery    

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