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Having spent most of my adult life "inland", the concept of a harbour has always been fascinating to me, especially when I see enormous berthed oil rigs or container ships. And with the advent of the waterfront as an entertainment space (V & A and Knysna to name two) the harbour has become more accessible to the (wo)man on the street. However I forget that a harbour is a place of very serious business - large amounts of goods arrive and leave from these ports, and trading is still what it...

Panama Jacks - Serving Incredible Seafood Since 1989!

  Something that has always appealed to me about Cape Town is the sense of community, especially in the areas stretching from the City Bowl to Newlands. Locals to the area have access to their neighbourhood pub, patisserie and Italian, and these are usually tucked away in a cosy converted house or ... I Have Found My Favourite Neighbourhood Eatery at Sidewalk Cafe    

  Although I am not a regular beer drinker, my husband has more than made up for it, by tasting and testing a variety of craft beers, European varietals and anything else that may be on tap. I also believe the old adage "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" and I must confess that I do enjoy taking lit... Award Winning Beer and Burgers at The Taproom    

  If there’s one thing I absolutely adore it is wine tasting. I love it so much that I am of the opinion that if you want to live in Cape Town then regular trips to the winelands for wine tasting sessions should be a prerequisite. I’ve been lucky enough (and smart enough) to visit almos... My Favourite Wine Farm In Cape Town!    

  I must say that I tend to get annoyed by overly pretentious food reviews (please email me now if you think I write them!) I am all for getting into the nitty gritty of flavour combinations, the source of the ingredients and the chef's inspiration, but at the end of the day I believe all people re... Delicious Food Served Up By a Heston Blumenthal Protégé    

  It’s Wednesday afternoon, you’ve got deadlines coming out of your ears and have just resigned yourself to spending the next three days working non-stop, when your lovely boyfriend informs you that his parents are coming for dinner on Friday night! There’s absolutely no way that ... Grab A Huge Selection Of Fine Foods From The Lardiere!    

  We have been in Cape Town since December last year and have experienced the most fabulous summer - warm (and sometimes searingly hot) weather, long endless days - idyllic, really. But now that we are moving into a cooler and wetter season I have decided to create my own little weather-rating syst... Sotano - An Eatery Perfect for Summer and Winter!    

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