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I’m a Saffa through-and-through and I adore all things local and lekker - give me biltong, braai chops and Chutney-flavoured Simba chips and I will be as a happy as a clam! Which is why I absolutely ecstatic to discover the awesomeness that is Gourmet Boerie on Kloof Street! There’s nothing quite like it anywhere else in Cape Town and it’s one of those spots that will make you fall in love with the Mother City and being South African all over again.

Grab A Fancy Pants Boerie Roll At Gourmet Boerie!

  I must say that I am loving living on the West Coast side of Cape Town. We are 5 minutes walk from pristine beaches where we let our dogs swim in the ocean, our weather is relatively mild and we have amazing views of the mountain. Now I know most Joburgers are pretty rude about "the mountain" - i... Delicious Burgers, Craft Beer & Killer Views At Saints Burger Joint    

  My husband and I have been together for over 26 years, having met in high school; as you can imagine a lot has happened in those 26 years - a long distance relationship, marriage and kids, changes in careers, homes and cities. One of the most significant moments early on in our life together was ... Scrumptious Food at the Delightfully French-Inspired Lighthouse Cafe    

  Some clever person once stated that "ice-cream is happiness condensed" and I quite happily concur. Ice-cream is one of my top five go-to comfort foods, be it at the height of summer or the middle of winter. Hot Chocolate Brownies served with vanilla pod ice-cream is one of my favourite desserts, ... Lip Smackingly Delicious Handmade Ice Cream at The Creamery Cafe    

  There’s no getting around it – Woodstock is one super awesome place! I know I’ve waxed lyrical about its awesomeness before but I don’t think I stressed just how much awesomeness there is in this one area of Cape Town. Sure, parts of it are a little scary looking but there... Superette Is A Woodstock Gem Of Note    

  I don't know about you, but I find sticking to a sustainable eating plan is a tough ask. I am always tempted to dip into the cookie jar (literally) or eat that slice of freshly baked bread. Since moving to Cape Town I have become inspired by the sheer number of people exercising or doing somethin... Get Your Health On At Nü Health Food Café!    

  I was a little bit of a weird child. Instead of asking for sweets and cakes I begged my mom to buy me fruit, lots and lots of fruit. I have no idea why, but to me watermelon and strawberries were way more desirable than anything artificially sweetened. Today the same thing rings true and I would ... Grab A Seriously Good Smoothie At Orchard On Long    

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