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Darlings, in my opinion, there are few things better than the doughy, multi-topped, cheesier-than-cheese slices of heaven that is pizza. Thus, I’ve looked high and low to bring you some of the top spots in Cape Town to get your pizza fix. Whether you like classic and simple toppings, or prefer to go all-out gourmet, you can be sure that there’s a place on this list to satisfy your taste buds! Bon appetit, Darlings.

Top Six Pizza Places

  Darlings, sometimes you want a bit more than just a meal out of dinner – you know, occasionally you feel like you need to have a unique experience to go along with a moreish supper. Well, the next time you feel that way, best you book a table at Bombay Bicycle Club for a be... Beautifully Bohemian At Bombay Bicycle Club    

  Darlings, Bree Street has been a hotspot for culinary development over the past two years … and Bacon on Bree is one of the most recent additions to this trendy street. I recently visited this lunch spot and had a fantastic experience. If you’re a bacon lover like me... Satisfy Bacon Cravings Of Every Kind At Bacon On Bree    

  Darlings, if you’re anything like me, you enjoy experiencing concept stores that offer skilfully crafted food products that have never been made before (well, not in Cape Town, at least). If this is the case, you’re in for a fabulous foodie treat … My Sugar ope... Indulge In Creamy Deliciousness At My Sugar    

  Darlings, Cape Town is a city that just screams tropical paradise. Tucked into a natural harbour, our city boasts some of the most beautiful beaches, glamorous yacht parties and freshly caught seafood. From white-clothed prix-fixe establishments to oyster-slinging waterfront restaurants, ... Top Six Restaurants To Get Your Seafood Fix    

  Italian food is pretty much engrained in the food fabric of the Mother City. Whether you’re craving a show-stopping antipasto spread, world-class pasta or a fresh-from-the-oven pizza, there’s a place in our city to get your fix. Darlings, here are six of Cape Town’s top ... Top Six Italian Restaurants    

  Cape Town’s lavish, laid-back lifestyle has made Spain’s tradition of relaxing with small plates of food and a bottle of wine a welcome culinary fixture … have you noticed, Darlings? I agree that sometimes smaller and simpler is better … at least in the ... Top Six Restaurants To Feast On Tapas    

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