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Tanning – let’s just say that is has never ended well for me! Owing to inheriting my family’s lily white skin, tanning has been one of the biggest struggles in my life. How bad could it be, you might ask? Well, let me put it this way: 30 minutes in the sun (even if I’m in the shade) literally leaves me as red as a lobster. So, after many attempts that left me all crispy and rather “flushed”, I quickly came to realise that getting that sun-kissed glow will a...

Get A Beautiful All-Round Glow With Caribbean Tan!

  Good morning, Darlings! Welcome to the start of the weekend. Now’s the time to look at yourself in the mirror and say (in a Johnny Bravo accent), ‘Who’s that gorgeous girl’! If your reaction is similar to a shriek of terror when you do this (and not because you do a really... Give Your Hair A Silky Smooth Finish With Itely HairFashion    

  Ok … I believe that there is something positive about every season (I know it’s hard to see it that way when your fingers and toes feel like icicles), but one thing I really don’t like about winter, is what it does to my skin! Nevertheless, Elemis has left me f... Embrace The Glow With Elemis    

  Good morning! Actually, it’s a great morning. You may ask why ... I say, why not – it’s never too late to choose to have a positive attitude, after all. Plus, the start of the week always brings the prospect of new and exciting possibilities. Speaking of exciting, Candice, our g... Top Five Health Tips For The Corporate Woman    

  Happy days, Darlings! The weekend is almost here and I can only hope that you’ve been having a truly amazing and productive week so far. I’m not quite sure what your plans are for your two days of bliss, but I recommend some good ol’ fashioned ‘you’ time (I know I co... Turn Up The TLC With Africology    

  Okay ladies, let’s be honest here – we all have some kind of weakness, right? (Not that we need to tell our significant others that). Mine just happens to be makeup! I love that you can accentuate your features (without overdoing it). Kim, our guest blogger, also adores makeup and rec... Get That Glamorous Look With Catrice!    

  Darlings, I’m back! My deepest and sincerest apologies for my absence but every lady needs a break every now and then, right? (Let’s just say the temptation to gaze upon the Eiffel Tower on a continuous basis was almost too strong to resist!) That being said, I love my stunning and be... Turn Up The Zest With Crabtree & Evelyn    

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