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As you all know by now lip balm is a big deal for me. A little while ago I told you all about how I have a secret lip balm stash in every nook and cranny including my car, handbag, bedside table and desk drawer. It should also go without saying that my motto in life is, “there’s always room for another lip balm.” You see, having dry lips is like a form of Medieval torture for me, and when my lips start to feel even the slightest bit parched the first thing I do is reach for ...

EOS Lip Balm is Definitely Hashtag Awesome!

  Did you know that the average woman consumes an average of nearly two kilograms of lipstick during her lifetime through drinking, eating and kissing? I didn’t! When I read this statistic I threw up in my mouth a little bit because I’m pretty sure the stuff in lipstick is not made to b... Let Nothing Nasty Touch Your Lips!    

  If there’s one thing I hate it is spending my hard earned cash on beauty products that don’t work. I love a spoil as much as the next girl but if I’m going to spend my life slathering on lotions and potions then they’d better be do what they say on the packaging. It’... Shop Beauty-Worx for Tried and Tested Products That Really Work!    

  You may have noticed that I review a lot of organic and natural products on Cape Town’s Darling. I do this because I love organic products, but also because I know ladies like to have options when it comes to skincare and beauty. If, like me, you are a bit of a bunny hugger then you’r... Be Naturally Beautiful With Allure Cosmetics!    

  Darlings, words cannot describe how super excited I am about today’s find! One of my most favourite nail polish brands has finally launched its long-awaited gel polish collection in South Africa. That’s right; now South African ladies can get an Essie Gel manicure and enjoy the absolu... Essie Gel Finally Arrives in South Africa!    

  When I reflect on my high school career I often ponder my decision to take Science. I had no real affinity for the subject matter and probably would have been better off studying History. The thinking of the day w... Inspire Your Own Little Einstein at the CTSC    

  A little while ago I featured an organic in-salon tanning product and waxed lyrical about how I was completely blown away by the fact that we no longer had to be subjected to spray tans that took ages to dry and left you smelling like wet bread. And now, just in time for the long awaited arrival ... Get Ready for Spring With TanOrganic!    

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