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If there’s one part of my body that gets a serious beating it is my hands! I try not to be, but most days I am so rough on them – especially when I’m having a super busy day. My nails usually get the worst of it and it’s not uncommon to see my nails chipped and torn in weird and not-so-fun places. But it’s not all doom and gloom I do make sure that I have endless supplies of hand cream at my disposal to apply whenever my hands are looking a little dreary (serious...

Get Baby Soft Hands With Filorga!

  If you’re still confused about what products to use on your skin, but know for sure that you don’t want something jam-packed with all sorts of weird chemicals, then I’ve got another fabulous natural and organic product to share with you today! But this product is pretty much unl... Juice Beauty – A Thirst Quencher for Your Skin!    

  As you all know I can be a bit of greenie - I love finding products that are super friendly to you, your skin and the environment. It’s always a tough job trying to cover all the bases when it comes to beauty blogging because I know I have to feature some of the bigger brands when they laun... Zoya Is Pure Beauty Without Cruelty!    

  I hate to complain but winter is wreaking havoc on my skin! Because God likes to give with both hands I was blessed with dry skin that is not only pale but also extremely sensitive. I can’t tell you how many times I thought it was a great idea to wear a scratchy scarf only to have someone f... Beauty Products Straight From the Factory!    

  So this might seem a bit weird but I am about to write an entire blog post about sunscreen – not the Baz Luhrmann song (although that song does supply a few great life lessons) but rather the stuff you put on your face to keep it safe from the harmful rays of the mean and malicious sun. You... All Hail Dr. Gobac Sunscreen!    

  I realised recently that Karma isn’t kind to those who boast. Last year I bragged to you all about how I was blessed with long and luscious eyelashes and then proceeded to go on and on about how my lashes were so long that it was almost a curse. Well, shame on me because not long after writ... Get Longer Lashes In Just One Month With Lash Food!    

  I have a thing about smells – for me, nothing else is able to transport me to another time and place quite like a familiar smell. The smell of freshly cut grass takes me back to playing cricket in the front yard with my brother when I was little and the smell of cooked mussels reminds me of... Rain – A Uniquely African Pampering Experience!    

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