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You may recall my blog post a while ago, where I adamantly supported smaller, intimate spas, rather than the larger, impersonal spots. Well today I have a humdinger of a spa for you to try, one that ticked all of my boxes! Not only is it beautifully appointed, with a fantastic team of therapists to pamper you, it is also situated in one of the most gloriously beautiful settings imaginable. Fresh Wellness really does have it all, and I guarantee you won't want to leave!

Escape, Indulge, Relax at Fresh Wellness Spa

  I never thought of myself as someone who would want or need hair extensions. My hair is quite long (at least I thought it was before this exercise) and thick and I always thought hair extensions were for other people. But, after having tried a set of Front Row hair extensions for... Get Longer, Fuller Hair With Front Row Hair Extensions!    

  There’s something you should probably know about me - I’m obsessed with the 1950s and vintage pin-up girl style. If I was a crazy person (and by that I mean even more of a crazy person than I already am) then my whole house would probably be decorated in the style of the 1950s - indee... 50s-Style Pampering At Petticoat Parlour!    

  I’m quite lazy when it comes to beautifying myself. I don’t really have the time or the inclination to fuss about with copious amounts of self-pampering so I stick to the basics and a “meh, that will do” attitude. One of my pet hates when it comes to my beauty routine has ... Natural Nail Polish That Lasts For A Week!    

  I can say with an absolutely straight face that I am low maintenance. Now before my husband collapses into a heap on the floor let me qualify that statement - I am low maintenance when it comes to my appearance. Not in a dirty hair, no makeup kind of way, but rather in a let's-do-what's-easiest k... Put a Smile on your face with Mona Lisa Skin & Body Bar!    

  Even though it is my job to put my body and my hair on the line for my job (seriously, this Cape Town’s Darling business is tough work!) I am still a little overprotective of my hair (read a lot over protective). When you’ve had as many bad hairdos as I have you tend to become a littl... Why Pink23 Is My Most Favourite Hair Salon In Cape Town!    

  Being a girl can be oh-so-tiresome ... and expensive! I mean, when was it decided that we have to spend countless amounts of money on looking pretty? The list of things we have to do a monthly basis is quite crazy really - manicures, pedicures, waxing, hair dos, the list goes on and on! Which is ... Give Your Home Manis And Pedis A Professional Twist    

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