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Today ‘s find is more than just about telling you about a really fabulous spa in the city – it’s also about a stunning new kind of massage that I think you are going to love. I’ve been for quite a few massages over the years but I’ve never experienced something quite like the Bellabaci Massage I had at Suntra Spa at 15 On Orange! So, if you’re keen to try something really different at a stunning location then keep reading and get ready to b...

Try A Massage With A Difference At Suntra Spa

  When you think of Observatory the words fabulous don’t usually come to mind, but one very talented celebrity hair stylist and make-up artist (along with his stunning team of hair fairies) is hell-bent on making sure there’s a whole lot of fabulousness in Obs. But how did I know Shaugh... Achieve Complete Fabulosity At Image And Hair    

  Girls (and guys): today’s beauty review is going to be a little bit different than usual because I’ve reviewed a well-known skincare range that we are all aware of but, like me, probably never got around to trying. For the past few years I’ve been on the hunt for THE skin care r... Why You Should (Or Shouldn’t) Be Using Dermalogica    

  Hi my name is Crystal and I like it rough! Say what you want about the power of a soft and pampering massage but nothing sorts my stress out quite like a firm back massage. For me there really is no point in going into a spa and having the therapist stroke my back for an hour – I want to le... Get A Good Rub Down At Utopia Spa    

  Darlings I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but one of the best beauty brands known to man has finally made its way to the beautiful shores of South Africa! That’s right, after years of wishing and waiting Soap and Glory is finally here and it’s all thanks to the saints over at... Soap And Glory Finally Reaches South Africa!    

  Great news, I’ve found THE one! No, not as in a husband-type person but rather I’ve found my one and only massage therapist and if she ever leaves the country I will probably have a nervous breakdown. I’m not obsessed with having massages but like most people on earth I enjoy ha... I Had The Best Massage Of My Life At Sojourn Natural Spa!    

  What if I told you that you didn’t have to leave the house to buy your much-needed beauty products every month, and that you could get everything you need without even leaving the couch? Sounds wonderful doesn’t it?  The great news is, thanks to The Spa Shop, thi... All Your Beauty Needs In One Place!    

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