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I’ve been taking shameless selfies all week! No, I haven’t lost my mind and suddenly become a self-obsessed schmodel, I’ve actually been taking the Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference BB Cream no filter challenge. The task was simple – Elizabeth Arden sent me the lovely new BB cream and dared me to wear it every day for six days and post a selfie for each day. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? Alas, there was a catch; I had to post these photos san...

Say Goodbye To Filters With The New Elizabeth Arden BB Cream!

  I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready for winter to be over! My skin has just had enough of the dry weather and I’m getting a little tired of the constant nagging for more moisture. Alas, spring isn’t quite here yet so I’ll have to endure the whining for a little ... I’m Smitten With Oh Lief!    

  By now you have noticed that I’m a little bit obsessed with natural skin care brands. I’ve become quite fussy about what I put onto my skin and I like to know that the products are going to love my skin and take care of it, not plough it with all sorts of nasty things. Over the past y... A Skincare Brand That Loves Your Skin!    

  As you know I was blessed with a mop of thick curly hair and we have a bit of a love-hate relationship going on. One of the fun (read annoying) things about having thick hair is constantly having to detangle the copious amounts of knots that just seem to come out of nowhere. And, don’t even... Say Bye-Bye To Knots and Tangles    

  I was blessed with very long eyelashes and I won’t lie, they’re kind of annoying. Yes, I realise that’s almost (emphasis on almost) the same as a skinny girl complaining about how no matter what she does she just can’t put on weight, but before you lynch me just hear me ou... Your Eyelashes Have a New Bestie!    

  I’ve got incredibly thick hair, which I love, but there is a downside to having an over-abundance of hair - those annoying little baby hairs constantly popping out on your hairline! When I was younger I thought I was super clever and used to give them a quick chop with a pair of scissors (I... Have Fabulous Hair On The Go!    

06 Jun Cool As Ice!
  A few weeks ago I went to the launch of a brand new nail polish brand and it’s about time I came out and told you all about it. At the launch I heard all sorts of fab things about the brand but I wanted to wait and test it out for myself before I decided if it was worth sharing with all you... Cool As Ice!    

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