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I view myself as an incredibly fortunate person, as my parents instilled a love of books and reading at a very early age. And as convenient and accessible as ebooks are, there is nothing quite like opening the pages of the paper version - the smell, the texture, the excitement of the story that awaits. I could quite happily spend an entire reading-day on the couch, accompanied by coffee, wine and/or chocolates (not necessarily in that order). And I have n...

The Iconic Book Lounge is a Must-Visit for Book Lovers

  Every now and again I come across a place that grabs my attention and keeps it long after I have moved on. It may be related to its beauty, like the Eastern Free State Highlands, or the memories created from a holiday in the Eastern Cape. Today's find is one such place, and I believe it is thanks... I Found The City's Pulse In The Heart of Cape Town    

  When I was growing up in Cape Town weekends meant lazy beach days, braais and hiking in the sleepy seaside town of Hermanus. It was idyllic to say the least but to be honest these days Hermanus is a little too commercialised for my liking,  and I hate to sound like a hipster but my family an... Travel: Forget Hermanus - De Hoop is The Overberg’s Real Hidden Gem!    

  You may have realised by now that we have a major ‘go big or go home’ type of attitude on this blog. This approach carries through in all the reviews we do and we strongly believe that if you’re going to do something, then you need to do it in the most fabulous or best way possi... Travel: Glamping at Old Mac Daddy’s Trailer Park    

  It’s day three of our travel series and today we are going on a true African adventure in the Kruger National Park. Shockingly this was my very first trip to the Kruger and all I can say is that I can’t believe it took me so long to finally make my way there! This was by no means my f... Travel: An African Adventure in the Kruger National Park!    

  It’s day two of our travel series and today we move from the romantic bliss of Gauteng’s Kievits Kroon to an eco-paradise in the Western Cape. And, because love is so glorious I’ve decided to stick with romance and bring you a completely different way to spend quality time with ... Travel: Grootbos Is a Nature-Lover’s Dream Destination!    

  As much as I love exploring Cape Town I also believe that there is so much value in putting on your driving gloves, packing your suitcase and heading off on the open road to explore the rest of our beautiful  country. Which is why this week Cape Town’s Darling will be hitting the road ... Travel: Kievits Kroon Brings The Cape Winelands to Gauteng!    

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