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I miss Joburg; more specifically I miss Joburg's trees. Having lived in one of the world's leafiest city's most of my life, it has been hard adapting to the scrubbier vegetation that one finds on the West Coast. Don't get me wrong - Big Bay and surrounds provides us with the most gorgeous views of the mountain, we are right on the beach, and our weather has proven to be fairly mild. However I do miss the shade of a large, 60 year old tree, and the bird life that it attracts. So imagine my del...

Intaka Island - An Oasis In The Middle of Century City!

  When I was a youngster our family holidays were invariably packed with all sorts of activities, from playing tennis at a local club, to bum boarding down the dunes. However one activity I never fully appreciated was visiting museums and local points of interest; you can imagine it - young girl si... Get In Touch With Local History at the District 6 Museum    

  I am a serial killer - of plants, that is. My parents are both unbelievably talented gardeners, and many of my childhood weekends were spent weeding, planting, mowing and digging (well, their weekends. I was usually doing something else). I do have a fantasy that one day, in the not-too-distant f... Get Back to Your Roots with Oranjezicht Community Farm    

  Today I thought I would give you the low-down on my very favourite market in Cape Town – Bay Harbour Market.  The Hout Bay Market is by no means a new market but every time I visit (which is not nearly often enough) I leave feeling like I’ve just come from a magi... Bay Harbour Market Is My Favourite Market In Cape Town!    

  I may have nauseated you with previous lyrical odes to my love of mountains. Don't get me wrong - I love the sea, and walking for miles along beaches. But having lived in the Eastern Free State for over five years I have found my soul lifted time and again by those towering and imperious rock for... You Have to Walk the Walk on the Kirstenbosch Boomslang!    

  One of my biggest frustrations when my girls were growing up was finding a family-friendly venue that served half decent food whilst offering a great play area. I was thrilled when they finally grew up enough for us to start frequenting anything other than the Spur. And today I am thrilled to be ... Beer, Pizza, Chocolate and Family Fun on The Spice Route    

  As I may have mentioned my eldest daughter is in her first year of studies at the University of Stellenbosch, which means I don't need much encouragement to pop through to the winelands at every available opportunity. The wine farms I used to visit a good twenty years ago offered wine tastings an... Eat, Drink and Be Very Merry at the Fabulous Bodega @ Dornier Wines!    

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