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I’ve heard them all … “Are you single-handedly supporting the sunscreen industry?” and “If only your teeth were as white as your legs.” My favourite? “You could give the Cullen family (as in Twilight) a run for their money.” Being fair-skinned I’ve come to accept the fact that the sun and I are frenemies. I’ve also realised through trial (of many self-tans) and error that there’s a definite line between looking tanned or like you rolled around in a bag of Doritos. Darlings, despite my previous bad experiences, I put my body on the line to test out Self Tanning Oil by TanOrganic and boy, was I impressed!

Whether you’re the fairest of them all, or simply don’t want to end up looking like a worn-out leather handbag, the world’s first self-tan oils by TanOrganic are going to be way up there on your lust-have list. Just ask Crystal who reviewed Self Tan Original – you can read her post here. The range of sunless tanning solutions are eco-certified, synthetic-free and made from a blend of plant extracts, including Aloe Vera.

It’s the subtle differences that, in my opinion, make the Self Tanning Oil the best in the range. The biggest being that it’s lighter than the Self Tan Original, but darker than a gradual tanner so it can even be used on your face for an all-round natural glow. Another biggie is that because it has two per cent less tanning ingredients, you don’t have to wear a mitt so I just applied it like any other body oil (which glides on effortlessly) and then simply wiped my hands with a baby wipe when I was done. My skin felt silky smooth, hydrated and the best part is that I didn’t pong … seriously! The citrus fragrance with a hint of rose was so subtle I hardly noticed it. I went to bed that night cautiously optimistic about the outcome but I was also fully prepared that I might have to hide my pins under jeans for a week. The next morning I woke up with a streak-free, even, natural tan and because the oil soaks into your skin so quickly, it didn’t transfer to my PJs or bedding.

Call me a skeptic, but the jury was still out. If you ask me, the ultimate test of a great self-tan is in how well it fades. I used OilArganic to keep my skin hydrated - I love that there is no oily residue and that it’s also rich in antioxidants that helps with ageing skin. Drum roll please because the verdict is in - Self Tanning Oil by TanOrganic is sentenced to a lifetime of house arrest so that I never have to have pasty, glow-in-the-dark skin ever again! Expect to pay R599 for both the Self Tanning Oil and OilArganic (100ml).

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By Samantha Richardson
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by Samantha

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