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Darlings, music festival season is in full swing here in Cape Town, as I’m sure you know. If you’re headed to one but are unsure what to wear, my simple tips on dressing for a festival are all you need. I promise you’ll look stylish as ever while you’re rocking out!

Five Fabulous Festival Fashion Tips

  Darlings, I had a lot of fun with my third and final outfit from Forever 21. Just wait until you take a look at what I put together … the fun factor and the versatility of the look is what took this outfit from the shelves to my Christmas wish list in 0.25 seconds. My Christmas Wish List With Forever 21 Part 3    

  Darlings, last week I told you about my shopping experience at Forever 21. Well, just wait until you see my second outfit … I had a tough time choosing what to take home because everything on the rails was calling my name, but take a look at outfit number two – there... My Christmas Wish List With Forever 21 Part 2    

  Darlings, do you know what’s on my Christmas wish list? A whole lot of outfits from Forever 21, that’s what! By now, you should know just how much I love to shop, right? Well the other day, I was feeling extra festive and thought I’d get myself a few gifts … so I went wil... My Christmas Wish List With Forever 21    

  Take a moment and look around you … what do you see? Beauty products everywhere! To add to the confusion, you can find yourself caught between lipstick and lipgloss, and just when you thought you had it figured out, lipglass pulled a drive by on your beauty street to furth... Our Top Beauty Showdowns!    

  Let me tell you something, Darlings – I love vintage garments … not only for their musty, comforting smell, but also because they’re just so trendy! Why shop at the mall and give in to long queues and exorbitant price tags when you can pop into one of the many beautiful little ... Six Vintage Clothing Stores You Need To Visit    

  I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it’s getting pretty toasty here these days! I love warm weather … what I don’t love so much is having my makeup melt off my face as a result of the heat and humidity. I’m sure you feel the same way … right, Darlings? N... Five Makeup Secrets For Looking Flawless In The Heat    

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